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Age: 33

Height: 180 cm / 5 Ft 11 in

Weight: 76 kg

Tattoos: Yes

Star Sign: Virgo

Client Preference: Women and couples

About Nick: A Private Male Escort for Women

Nick considers himself a premium Sydney male escort for women and couples because of his extreme passion. To be a passionate lover is something you are born with it’s in your nature, and for Nick, this stems from his Latino heritage; the power is in his blood and breeding. Nick loves to dance, and when a man can dance, they are distinctly natural lovers because they know how to move.

Nick creates immense passion in women with his vibrate charming personality and his sexy accent, and desirable physique that is toned and masculine. Women gravitate to Nick because of these many attributes; Nick is like a flame to women exuding excitement and passion.

Nick’s passions and interests:

  • Keeping Fit
  • Cookings
  • Films
  • Meeting with new people


Favourite Food: Italian foods

Favourite Drinks:
When out, it is Whiskey; otherwise water